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Elephant Back Safaris Day Tour

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On top of Africa ! – Join in the most thrilling animal experience on the planet. These magnificent beasts tower over the African bush with grace as only they have. See how they are trained to interact with humans and learn more about their incredible intelligence. This is the postcard picture you want to send to your family back home.

The African Elephant and their plight across the African continent remains one of the greatest and most controversial issues for modern day conservationists. With wild habitats for elephant populations shrinking the total amount of land for these herds are being reduced at an alarming rate!

Man’s relationship with elephants in Africa is a colourful and fascinating story, dating back as far as 218BC where elephants were captured and trained by the Carthaginians and used as vehicles of war… With their defeat the tradition of working elephants all but died out until the early 20th Century when King Leopold of the Belgian Congo set out to realize his dream of training the African Elephant.  An elephant training school was set up in Garamba, in the heart of the Congo and for a while thrived.  Today the camp still exists but the ravages of war and unrest leaves only 4 elephants as a legacy to this ancient tradition of the past.

In 2002 the Pilanesberg Elephant-Back Safari opened in South Africa bringing with them 5 special elephants: Chikwenya, Sapi, Michael, Mana and Sharu and their handlers. The translocation operation was a ‘mammoth’ task and whilst traumatic at the time, has been a great success ever since. The elephants have settled well into their new home on South African soil and visitors to Pilanesberg and Sun City are now able to witness this wonderful interaction.

This is truly one of the best experiences in Africa. The spirit of these Great Creatures will Never leave you!  The tour also includes entrance to Sun City.

  • Elephant Back Safaris Day Tour
  • Elephant Back Safaris Day Tour
  • Elephant Back Safaris Day Tour
  • Elephant Back Safaris Day Tour


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Where to eat at Elephant Back Safari ( Sun City):

Various restaurants inside Sun City include:

  • The Deck
  • The Cascades Restaurant
  • Sun Terrace Restaurant

Entrance fees:

Elephant back safari and Sun City entrance fees is included in tour.

We offer daily departures at 08h00.

Please contact one of our consultants should you need more information on our tour program and booking options.

Rates quoted per person

Johannesburg Day Tours

Elephant Back Safari Tours in Johannesburg 2015
IN ZAR Depart Min 2 Clients
Elephant Back Safari (incl Sun City) 07h00 Rates on request
Kindly contact us for large group rates

Prices are from and subject to change due to increases by operator, fluctuations and any unforeseen circumstances, without prior notice.



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