Scheduled Camping Tour from Windhoek

15 Day Adventure Namibia Camping Tour

On the Adventure Namibia Camping Tour, you will enjoy camping in the different regions of the country and experience the thrill of exploring the vast territory. This journey will highlight the most authentic Namibian tribes, and you’ll be able to see Namibia’s nature and wildlife like never before; passing across multiple regions a lot of surprises awaits for you on this journey.

The Adventure Namibia Camping Tour runs on scheduled departures and utilizes our specialized 14-seater equipped camping vehicle.

We visit Namibia's most extraordinary regions from north to south including the Etosha National Park, Namibia's best known national park, for a glimpse of the abundant wildlife found in the region. Driving further South on the Adventure Namibia Camping Tour, we visit Ovamboland, home to eight Oshiwambo groups that constitute the largest tribe found in Namibia as well as Kaokland to experience the Himba Tribe, one of the last truly nomadic tribes.

Next, we reach Damaraland to see the ancient rock paintings of the bushman communities, followed by Spitzkoppe, referred to as the 'Matterhorn of Namibia'.

On our visit to the southern region of Namibia, we explore captivating deserts of the Namib and Kalahari with some free time in Swakopmund to partake in some of the many thrilling optional activities on offer.

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  • Camping under the African sky in canvas tents
  • Extensive guided tour of the Northern and Southern region of Namibia
  • Visit the Etosha National Park for game viewing
  • Experience traditional tribes in Ovamboland and Koakoland
  • View the expansive deserts of the Kalahari and the Namib Desert
  • Explore the German-influenced town of Swakopmund, the 'playground of Namibia'

*This is a participated camping tour. The assistance of each group member is expected. This includes the camp/tent set up, up- & off-loading of equipment, preparation of meals and cleaning of cutlery. Each guest is seen as an adventure crew member.

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14 Breakfasts, 12 Lunches & 12 Dinners

15 Days / 14 Nights
Equipped Camping Vehicle


Day 1 Otjiwarongo Area
Today you are met by your adventure guide and after loading luggage into your safari vehicle we head into town to stock up with all necessary fresh groceries needed for the first few days and any equipment you might still need.

Let the Adventure begin! We head north, travelling through Okahandja, where we have time to visit Namibia's largest wood carving market. The market is operated on a local co-operative basis and is a unique opportunity to browse for that iconic Namibian souvenir. Driving along endless stretches of farmland we reach Otjiwarongo in the heart of the cattle and game farming area of Namibia. We have enough time to unwind and prepare for the upcoming adventure to spectacular highlights of Namibia. Meeting up for dinner our guide shares a story or two of life in the bush and information on what we can expect during the days to follow before enjoying our dinner.
Village Boutique Hotel (Picnic Lunch, Dinner)

Day 2 Etosha National Park
An early start takes us further north passing through some smaller towns, offering stops for fresh supplies. We soon arrive at Etosha National Park, Namibia’s best known National Park offering us our first glimpse of the abundant wildlife to be found during the game drives that follow the next days. After setting up our camp, the remaining day is devoted purely to the exploration of wildlife found in the Etosha National Park, which surrounds a parched salt desert known as the Etosha Pan. Returning to camp we have the opportunity to relax at the floodlit waterhole.
Campsite in or at Etosha National Park (Breakfast, Picnic Lunch, Dinner)

Day 3 Etosha National Park
After an early breakfast, we head out again to explore the various waterholes drawing all kinds of wildlife, quenching their thirst in preparation for a long hot day. The park is home to 4 of the Big Five - elephant, lion, leopard and rhino. The Park was proclaimed as Namibia’s first conservation area in 1907 by the then Governor, von Lindequist. Despite the size of the Etosha National Park, only the southern edge of the pan is accessible to visitors. Game viewing in the park is primarily focused around the waterholes, some of which are spring-fed and some supplied from a borehole, ideal places to sit and watch over 114 different game species. Popular game species such as giraffe, blue wildebeest, plains and mountain zebra, hyena, lion, leopard, antelopes such as kudu, oryx, eland, as well as some of the endangered species such as Black rhino, cheetah and the black-faced impala are all found here in Etosha. In the evening your guide will prepare dinner at the campground before you again have time to sit at the waterhole and enjoy the natural scenes offered to you at one of the best viewings in southern Africa.
Campsite on or at Etosha National Park (Breakfast, Picnic Lunch, Dinner)

Day 4 Ovamboland
After breakfast, we leave the open plains of Etosha behind and exit via the Galton gate to head further north to the Ovambo Village of Oshifo. Ovamboland is Namibia’s most densely populated region, home to eight Oshiwambo groups that constitute the largest tribe found in Namibia. It is an eclectic mix between communal, subsistence farming, fishing and the energy of formal and informal business sectors. We visit a local homestead where highlights include a traditional "Kraal" inhabited by residents and learn about the Oshiwambo’s local life, culture and customs. Your guide will prepare dinner tonight at your campsite.
Okapika Oshifo Camp (Breakfast, Picnic Lunch, Dinner)

Day 5 Kaokoland
Authentic culture awaits us today as we depart early to visit a Himba village. During the visit of a local Himba tribe, we experience one of the last truly nomadic tribes as authentic as still possible. The Himba have managed to maintain much of their traditional lifestyle, perhaps because the land they inhabit is extraordinarily harsh and unyielding that the colonialists and commercial farmers have rarely covered it. Today the Himba still live as they have for centuries. During our visit, we experience essential parts of their traditions including daily life, food production, craftsmanship, singing and dancing. You will see their homestead, the holy fire, their religious beliefs and hear of the importance of livestock. Our journey continues down the Joubert pass, which in the days gone by was one of a few difficult mountain passes to drive in the desolated Kaokland. This has however changed with the entire pass being paved, allowing comfortable access to some of the most remote areas in Namibia. Late this afternoon we reach our destination - Ongongo Waterfall Campsite. Ongongo means “magical” in the Herero language. It is indeed a truly magical if not spectacular place. Set in a small canyon in the far northwest of Namibia, a completely barren landscape with some villages close by – here you find permanent water simply oozing out of the mountain. The water is relatively warm which allows for swimming all year round.
Ongongo Waterfall Campsite (Breakfast, Picnic Lunch, Dinner)

Day 6 Kaokoland
Today we have ample time to explore the surrounding area in its natural beauty on foot or simply relax and swim in the warm water of the natural pool with its water supplied by the Ongongo fountain.
Ongongo Waterfall Campsite - Breakfast, Picnic Lunch, Dinner

Day 7 Damaraland
We depart the Kaokoland heading south to Damaraland, which remains extremely sparsely populated and the focus is kept on the untouched beauty of this semi-arid desert. Our safari takes us through a harsh, rocky environment which is home to the elusive desert elephant, the black rhino, giraffes and free-roaming antelope species. Accompanied by a local Damara guide, we visit Twyfelfontein, a UNESCO heritage site where Bushman communities engraved and painted over 2.500 pictures some 6.000 years ago! After a visit to the nearby Living Museum of the Damara a short journey takes us to the banks of the Ugab River, where our camp is located for the next two nights. The setting sun offers us breathtaking views onto the distant Brandberg. Dinner is prepared traditionally on an open fire and served while the sounds of nature echoing all around us say farewell to an adventure-packed day.
Brandberg White Lady Campsite (Breakfast, Picnic Lunch, Dinner)

Day 8 Damaraland
Enjoy the nature waking up to the rising sun. After a delightful breakfast, we depart on a guided walking trail to the well-known Rock painting “White Lady” which is located in a gorge of the Brandberg Mountain. This excursion is followed by an optional scenic nature drive in the Ugab river bed in search of the desert elephants that reside in this fragile eco-system. The area we are in has neither fences nor clear boundaries in its vast, stony desert landscape. It is marked by endless vistas across stark plains, winding river beds, ancient valleys and mountain massif. Returning from our nature drive we relax around the campfire to reminisce on the day's adventure.
Brandberg White Lady Campsite (Breakfast, Picnic Lunch, Dinner)

Day 9 Spitzkoppe
Today your journeys take you through the small mining town of Uis to the famous "Spitzkoppe" which in German means "pointed dome" commonly also referred to as the "Matterhorn of Namibia". The granite boulders in this area are more than 700 million years old, and the highest outcrop is about 1,784 meters above sea level. The area houses a great selection of Bushman paintings that can be seen at “Bushman Paradise”. After camp is set up your guide will take you on a short walk to the “rock-arch” an iconic sun-downer spot where you have great opportunities for landscape photography. Returning back to camp, your guide will prepare dinner at the campsite
Spitzkoppe Campsite (Breakfast, Picnic Lunch, Dinner)

Day 10 Swakopmund
On the previous evening your guide will have approached you to discuss today's proceedings as you have the option of starting a bit later and after breakfast explore Bushman's paradise on a walking trail taking you into the Spitzkoppe mountains or depart early to the coastal town of Swakopmund and stop at a local laid back café too enjoy a relaxed brunch before checking into your hotel. Departing the great-er Erongo region you continue travelling towards the Atlantic Ocean. Reaching the coast, we arrive in Swakopmund where the rest of the day is spent at leisure. With palm-lined streets and seaside promenades, Swakopmund is a popular holiday destination in Namibia. Its pleasant climate and long stretched beaches attract anglers and surfers from all over. For the international guest, Swakopmund is a bohemian mix of German architecture and African rhythms, a laid back attitude with adrenalin activities, misty mornings and desert heat. It is colourful, it is vibrant, but most of all, it is fun.
Guesthouse in Swakopmund (Breakfast)

Day 11 Swakopmund
Swakopmund is often fondly referred to as the "playground of Namibia", as it has numerous activities ranging from adventure to exploring the fascinating features of the Namib Desert and the animals and plants that occur and survive here. Embrace the relaxed pace of this idyllic coastal town while enjoying coffee and freshly baked pastries in one of the many café's. Alternatively, explore the undulating dunes and expanse of the desert on a living desert tour, or view this excellent, environment from the air on a scenic flight. Find your inner child and push adrenaline to its limits with extreme adventures such as sky-diving over the desert or quad biking and sandboarding on the dunes. Take time to get the feel of this quaint town with its historic buildings, museums, shopping arcades and beach bar that has transformed into its personality by the vibrant use of natural materials used.
Guesthouse in Swakopmund  (Breakfast)

Day 12 Sesriem / Sosssuvlei
Today we head further south into the heart of the Namib Desert. Today’s journey takes us across endless desert plains and via two geologically amazing canyons (Kuiseb and Gaub) and the solitude Outpost of Solitaire into the vicinity of Sossusvlei. Our Campsite is situated inside the Namib Naukluft National Park offering you the opportunity to start your excursion the next morning 1 hour prior to any other guest accommodated outside the park borders. Dinner is prepared by your guide.
Sesriem Campsite (Breakfast, Picnic Lunch, Dinner)

Day 13 Sossusvlei / Deadvlei
This day calls for an early rise, as you will forever remember the picture of a sunrise over the mighty dunes of the Namib Desert. This is the desert that the country derives its name from, the seas of sand of which have been declared a World Heritage site. Gaze at the bright splash of sunbaked sand combined with the powerful play of shadows cast onto the lay side of the dunes. Travel to Sossusvlei where you visit Dead Vlei, a surreal white clay pan surrounded by monumental dunes and dotted with age-old Camelthorn tree skeletons. Before travelling back to your lodge, visit Sesriem Canyon, a 30-meter deep gauge incised into the desert floor by the Tsauchab River, the same river that suddenly ends at Sossusvlei. After a sundowner at Elim dune, we return to our camp where we enjoy the dinner prepared by our guide.
Sesriem Campsite (Breakfast, Picnic Lunch, Dinner)

Day 14 Kalahari
Leaving the oldest desert we head on to the largest sand mass on Earth, the Kalahari Desert. The Kalahari is a vast semi-desert of wind-blown sand held by a sparse mantle of thorn scrub making it the most extensive continuous stretch of sand covering 9 African countries. Unlike other true deserts, the Kalahari does receive sporadic rainfall. For many therefor "thirstland” is a more fitting description. Lacking permanent surface water, the Kalahari is a challenging place to live except for those who have adapted to not only survive but flourish here. The Bushmen refer to it as the "Soul of the World", an emotive description for this area! With its deep red dunes and endless grass plains interspersed with acacia’s and shrubs, it is still home to a surprisingly large amount of spe-cially adapted wildlife. Enjoy the opportunity to experience the red dunes, wildlife and plants, in this desert environment.
Jansen Kalahari Guestfarm Campsite (Breakfast, Picnic Lunch, Dinner)

Day 15 Depart Namibia
Today it’s time to bid farewell to Namibia with its many fascinating highlights. Our guide takes us back via Windhoek, where we depend on our outbound flight take part in a city tour to the main highlights. After buying some last souvenirs we head off to the international airport, where our guide bids us farewell.

Adventure Namibia Camping Tour

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  • Entrance Fees: Etosha National Park; Himba Village; Twyfelfontein; Namib Naukluft National Park, Spitzkoppe Community
  • Services of registered driver-guide throughout the tour
  • Still Mineral Water on vehicle
  • Activities as specified
  • Campsites & accommodation as specified
  • Transport by equipped camping vehicle incl. Camping Equipment
  • Tourism levy & Government Taxes where applicable
  • 24hrs Medical Evacuation Insurance

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  • Visas
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