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Cullinan Diamond Mine Day Tour

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Sure, but also a man’s if you consider the long term benefits such a small and precious stone can bring.

Visit the operational Mine & Village on the Cullinan Diamond Mine Day Tour to the east of Pretoria in Gauteng. Tourist and local families, school or business groups fully appreciate all the blood, sweat and tears it takes to produce the little (or big) gems we hold so dear. Maybe you could even “frost” your lady companion at one of their on-site stores.

The Cullinan Diamond Mine, also known as the Premier Diamond Mine, has uncovered some of the largest diamonds in the world today and the mine lies over one of the biggest Kimberlite pipes in the world (Kimberlite is named after Kimberley in South Africa and refers to a type of Potassic volcanic rock known to contain diamonds).

A visit to the mine will include a detailed above ground tour of the mine with lots of facts and technical information on the mine and the diamond industry in South Africa.

Where to eat while on the Cullinan Diamond Mine Day Tour:

  • Irene Farm Restaurant
  • Just Cuban Restaurant
  • The Deck & Barn Restaurant

Entrance Fees:

Entrance fees to the Cullinan Diamond Mine are included in the tour

Cullinan Diamond Mine Day Tour options:

Our Cullinan Diamond Mine Tour can be combined with other tours such as Pretoria or Johannesburg.

We offer daily departures at 09h00 and 13h00.

Please contact one of our consultants should you need more information on our tour program and booking options.

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Cullinan Diamond Mine Day Tours

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Cullinan Diamond Mine
(Surface Tour)
5 Hours 08h00/13h00 R2,100 pp R1,550 pp R3,800
Pretoria & Cullinan Diamond Mine Full day 08h00 R2,250 pp R1,950 pp R4,150

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