8 Day Best of Egypt – Johan Smith – November 2018

13 Dec 2018 8 Day Best of Egypt – Johan Smith – November 2018

From: Johan Smith
Sent: Friday, 30 November 2018 12:41
To: Gert Vermeulen
Subject: RE: 8 Day Best of Egypt Tour – Johan Smith – 2018


Hi Gert


The trip was good thanks. Some feedback on your questions:

  1. Cairo
    1. Hotel in Cairo – Le Meridien Pyramids
      1. I was a bit disappointed in the Hotel rooms and we asked for non-smoking rooms and it certainly was not non-smoking.
      2. The room was shoddy and not what I invisaged
  • The hotel services are great, Restaurants, Food, Pool, Bar etc…
  1. Transfers
    1. Excellent and the Airport Services was extremely helpful and very well planned/organized
  2. Cairo as a city and what to do was disappointing and not someplace we would visit again. I thought the paper factory was a waste and not something I would recommend to anyone, it is expensive and they are really burning the tourists when you want to buy something.
  1. Hurghada
    1. Hotel in Hurghada – Marriott Hurghada Hotel
      1. Magnificent and the location was something which we should have spent more time at.
      2. The Hotel, Service and Facilities was just amazing and made the stay so welcome and refreshing from Cairo.
  • The transport/assistance that collected us was really good and kept in touch with us on the collection from the Hotel.
  1. Nile Cruise
    1. It was amazing and the cruise and everything goes with it is really good. Guides, Food, Trips, Boat etc….It was 10/10 experience and a pity is was so short.
  2. Getaway Africa Agent/Service
    1. We were really happy with the Itinerary and your company and you did an extremely good job. It was much appreciated.
    2. I would like to suggest that you offer a service to your customer to pre-book their seats as this was a mission before we flew and we had to pay extra for this which was unnecessary I think.  


I have some comments about the company Excel that serviced us throughout our trip in Egypt.

  • They are extremely well organized and looks after all your requirements, transport, Airport assistance, Guides etc.
  • Guides were excellent and in fact they become your travel partner which we really enjoyed.
  • One negative is that they are extremely expensive when you ask for extra trips to be booked. We found that the one trip we wanted to book and we costed this trip with someone else including the guides almost 30% cheaper with another company and they were as good as Excel. I will be putting this in Travel Advisor and get travelers to have a view of this before they commit and the cost is all in US$.


I do hope this helps.


Kind Regards


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