Africa Trip Planner

Step-by-step Trip Planner for Vacation or Holiday Planning to Africa with Getaway Africa, friendly online consultants, cars, buses, trains, road routes or flights assistance, help build tourists trips or tours by arranging journeys on adviser programs, planning that will suit families, businesses, woman, men, kids, singles and couples needs. A planning directory with most important aspects of safaris in multi countries.

Together with our tour operators assistance travelers can planning breakaways to fit budgeting. Follow these easy steps below in order to create the basis of dream planning. Visit quick country overview to see if your style of touring fit the country of choice.

Step 1 – Trip Planning Requirements:

1. How much money am I prepared to spend on my vacation? – including international flight cost, airport levies and taxes.

2. Length of Holiday, how many days do I have at my disposal?

3. Luxury Level, do I want to tour on a shoe string or do I want to be traveling in absolute style and luxury?

4. Accommodation Type – hotels, B&B’S, guest houses, self catering, camping, honeymoon retreats, lodges, health resorts or combination of these intrepids.

5. Travelers Interests, I’m interested in cities and cultural heritage, or I want to combine it with nature and wildlife? I have specific interests like birding, fishing, safaris, train journeys, beaches or wellness spa’s. Ask yourself what you are interested in seeing yon your trip.

6. More or less, I might want to see as much as possible OR relax in one location for a period.

Through experiences in vacation planning we learned as planners that less is more. Its a huge continent – for example the whole of USA can fit into Sahara desert which is only a part of northern region. Driving distance between Cape-Town and Johannesburg is nearly 1,500 kilometres (nearly a 1000 miles), between Cape Town to Dar Es Salaam (Zanzibar) more than 5000 kilometres (3000 miles+). If you want to see as much as possible, think of using air travel as well.

7. Am I going to visit with my family with young kids, go on a dream honeymoon or is this an adventure with my partner and / or friends?

8. Do I want to rent a vehicle and self-drive? Our travel agents assist with rentals of  car, minibuses and luxury vehicles. Or would I like to sit back and relax in a scheduled escorted excursion?

9. Which Countries? The most difficult choice. Please read through our information guide to decide on which country you want visit or send us an email and we will help you as best we can!

10. The Best time to Travel, there is no such thing in Africa.

Even in winter months the temperature can be mild (although in certain locations it does get very cold). It is only the Western Cape region that gets most of its rain in winter time (May-September). Other regions of southern and eastern South Africa get summer rains – normally thunderstorms that last for only a few hours. The Eastern region has 2 rain seasons – the short rains of October – December and the long rains from April to May. The landscapes are transformed when the rain fall and that again is a different sight than when it is all dry. It is actually during the winter period (dry period) that the game lodges are popular and higher priced. During this time though specials are available in most regions like Cape Town.

11. Special Requirements, do I have special dietary demands that need to be relayed to all the organizers? Do I or any member of my party have any disabilities that must be known about in order to cater for their needs? (Paraplegic, Blind, Pensioner, Senior Travelers, traveling with animals)

Step 2 –  Contact us:

Once you have decided on what you want to see and visit, then the next step is easy. Contact our office by email address or direct by phone and give us all requirements.

Step 3 – Correspondence:

We will constantly, either in email or telephone, reply to keep you with up to date with developments on itineraries, reservations and bookings or changes with recommended suggestions. During this period we need to enquire from international airlines whether international connection flights are possible or arrange on your behalf. With finalizing flight booking we have to work quick to keep the seats on the planes, meaning last minute airfares have to be collected fast to secure.

Step 4 – Vouchers:

Upon completion of full payments we email travel vouchers, complete itinerary and pouch with background information, brochures, maps etc, each made out for the services you are going to use, to be handed over as needed to the particular service hospitality provider – lodging, car rental company, operating guides.

Step 5 – Travel Insurance:

Where do I get it (choosing on the Internet)? Most important when planning your holiday, ensure to have adequate travel & health insurance to cover yourself and your loved ones. Certain credit cards will provide travel cover partly (like airline cancellations) but not all – read the fine print because extra insurance and life cover is normally necessary.

Please ensure that you will be able to be repatriated in cause of illness, death or at least be able to be admitted to a private hospital. Making sure of honour of policies, some insurances can also cover you if you cannot join the tour in which case you will normally forfeit either the balance or a portion of the full amount of the journeys cost if you are not covered. Your plane might be delayed and your first night’s stay will be deprived. Please also read through our Insurance sections of our terms & conditions. Some of the operators that are advertised on our web site include some degree of medical assistance or capabilities.

Step 6 – Visas:

Visit this link for a general guideline for visa’s – but please remember that these can change constantly.

Step 7 – Your Holiday Starts:

If you have booked a complete package with Getaway Africa, we will arrange that a representative meets you at the arrival airport and transfer you to your destination. From the moment you step of the plane, you will be taken care of – either in the background by our company`s managers who will know at all times where you should be or by our representing operator in each destination.

Step 8 –  Returning Home:

Unfortunately your holiday will come to an end. We will keep contact and ensure that you have had a memorable time and you are more than welcome to give us feedback on your tour or safari directly or leave a review on We always stay in contact with our existing clients and keeping them informed on special packages and interesting information on this fantastic continent.


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