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A tourist guide with southern, eastern, middle and northern countries profiles, containing detailed facts that travelers like to require about the people, tribes, climate, weather, accommodation, destinations and needed to know information to assist them with putting together long awaited safari, beach or adventure holiday in Africa.


A very stable country and relatively safe to travel and experience it’s people and wildlife. The government has a policy to have a low tourism impact on the country’s game parks and therefore entry fees are very high.
Most popular Tourist Places to visit in Botswana: Okavango Delta (Extremely expensive) and Chobe National Park.


For years the country was haunted by political commotions but it popularity made it some of the finest travel spots even for the royal family of the UK. Packed with spontaneous tropical landscapes that’s in some places still the habitat of endangered gorillas and chimpanzees families. Safety in Nairobi and private road traveling to Mombasa is a concern to us.
A few of the most famous reserves to explore in Kenya: Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru and Amboseli.


You will find that the Malawians are some of the friendliest people on the whole continent. With the huge lagoon, major attractions and breathtaking senery, the stay will be rustic but entertaining. However for backpack group travelers with a bit of time available, this is little gem to experience the locals. Things are done on their own time here with a “do not rush, we have to fill the day” attitude.

Most popular places and things to do in Malawi: Lake Malawi, Zomba Plateau, Island Hopping & Sailing Adventures.


One of the eastern region’s poorest nations, however with a potentially bright tourist future with the help of one of the most beautiful coastlines. Not for the average self-drive-Westerner, however great island and beach resorts are found here – which increase the cost of travel. Safety concerns in Maputo.

Recommended places to visit: Bazaruto & Benguerra Islands.


In comparison to neighboring countries, this destination is under valued for all that it has to fulfill a dream getaway. Hand in hand with Botswana, with a low population of people living per square km of land area, enchanting deserts that will shock rain-forest lovers. Enjoy sandy dunes, coastal towns, rod fishing spots & wildlife safaris while traveling at ease. There are a combination of things to do and places to visit within the country’s boundaries.

Some options to start with: Sossusvlei, Etosha, Skeleton Coast & Swakopmund.

South Africa:

The most southern point of the African continent, South Africa is also the most modernized and developed region in comparison with its neighbors. Hooked onto its people, the dramatic past is still coming out of its unfair apartheid’s resume. Combined with all the best travel expectations, its favorable for all season break-way with an enormous range of wildlife conservation complemented with a different mixture of picturesque dry to tropical landscapes. It’s no secret that tourists are humble to return home, finding them-self refusing to go back from where they have come from. The international gateway cities are Johannesburg and Cape Town, from where the rest of Africa can be structured in one holiday.

Most popular places to be visiting in South Africa: Kruger National Park, Cape Town, Garden Route.


A country with some of the highest concentrations of wildlife. Maybe not the easiest country to travel with local and public transportation, however the land contributes to the largest extinct volcano, while its proud with millions of animals in large open savanna and the highest free-standing mountain. The traditional cultures and tribes are an extraordinary treat to encounter on tours and vacations.

Most popular places to visit in Tanzania: Ngorongoro, Serengeti & Kilimanjaro.


Where Dr. Livingstone has been praised with a town named after him, true wilderness experiences await you in large and small game reserves and also tiger fishing on the Zambezi river, which is increasing in popularity. The best starting point for a tour further into Africa will be the mighty Victoria Falls. The Zambian side has been the safest side with the past political unrest in Zimbabwe, while no problems noticed at the Vic falls. The easiest way to travel there, is to combine your trip with neighboring countries or by using charter flight services.

Most popular places to visit in Zambia: Victoria Falls & South Luangwa National Park.


The Spice Island with friendly people, white sandy beaches and care-free time. A combination of many cultures and quite interesting from a historical perspective. Your accommodation options can start at rustic and budget lodges to the most luxurious hotels at affordable rates. This is a great destination to combine with a Tanzania safari for a complete beach & safari holiday
Most popular places to visit or stay: Stone Town, La Gemma Dell Est, Karafuu & Paje by Night Lodge (rustic).


Although a lot of bad publicity diminished the country’s tourism industry, visitors will still find some of the friendliest Zimbabwean people all around them. With all the political unrest over the last decade’s we have found that the Victoria Falls is still safe to travel to. While there are thorough going fuel problems in the country, we suggest that care must be taken when traveling inland, tours are not suggested without proper registered guiding services.

Recommended places to Visit & Stay in Zimabwe: Victoria Falls, Eastern Highlands, Lake Kariba & Hwange National Park.

Compare countries by budget

Country Cost Ease Safari Rank
Botswana H-Super Med Super High
Kenya High Low High High
Malawi Mid Low Low Low
Mozambique M-High Low Low Mid
Namibia Mid High Mid Mid
South Africa
L-Mid Super High High
Tanzania High Low Super High
Zambia High Low Mid Mid
Zanzibar Mid High Low High
Zimbabwe Mid Low Mid Low

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