Best time to visit Botswana

To answer the question of “when is the best time to go to Botswana”, you should consider what you would like to see and experience on your trip. For game viewing, the Dry Season is best, because this is when water is most scarce and animals concentrate around water sources like waterholes and rivers. During the hot and dry months of September and October, animal concentration peak.

Some experts might argue that the cooler months of June to August are the best time of the year to visit Botswana as game viewing is more consistently excellent, with little to no rain and lower risk of malaria.

From rainy January to summer April, wildlife tends to disperse more. This is considered to be a great time to visit the Chobe’s Savuti region and the Kalahari as these areas lie on the migrating routes (especially for the Zebra migration).

Safaris in the Kalahari region is considered to be best during early summer/December as this is calving seasons for most antelopes, meaning more predators.

Climate in Botswana on average


Botswana Climate


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