Best time to visit Kenya

Kenya’s most popular time to visit is when the annual migration of millions of wildebeest & zebra move into the Mara Plains, attracting predators. This spectacle happens around July to October. Other  that the migration, other parks in Kenya offer excellent game viewing experiences in the dry seasons, which is January to March and July to October. The scarcity of water in the dry season causes animals to concentrate around permanent waterholes, rivers and lakes. The vegetation is also less lush during this time, meaning that your chances of spotting elusive animals is greater.

Bird watching in Kenya is at it’s best from January to March.

Dry Season (Jun – Oct)

  • Better chances of spotting wildlife with thinner vegetation and fewer water sources
  • Less Mosquitoes
  • Sunny and clear skies
  • Great migration in July – October
  • Crowded and busy

Wet Season (Nov – May)

  • Lush and green scenery
  • Lower Rates at accommodations
  • New born animals frequently spotted
  • Still plenty of wildlife, even though Dry Season is considered better
  • Migration birds can be spotted between Sep-Apr
  • Rain showers are short and will rarely compromise your safari (expect Mar/Apr/May)
  • Continuous rain and cloudy weather from Mar-May
  • Some loges close from Mar-May

Best time for a Beach Holiday in Kenya

Temperatures around the coast of Kenya stay hot for most of the year, however the ocean breeze keeps humidity low. December to March is considered the nicest time to visit the beaches of Kenya. The Wet Season is April to May, with a shorter rainy season in October/November. Swahili Festivals in November and the Ramadan might affect your holiday.

Best time to trek Mount Kenya

The summit of Mt Kenya has permanent snow year round and temperatures can drop to below 10 degrees Celcius (14 Fahrenheit). Mt Kenya can be climbed throughout the year, however the rainy season makes it more difficult from mid-March-mid June and mid-October to mid- December. The best time would be January to February or July to October.


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