Best Time to visit Malawi

To know “When is the best time to go to Malawi”, you need to consider what your interests are. One persons top time to visit Malawi, might be someone else’s worst.

Malawi experiences a hot summer, rainy season from November to April. The best time to go to Malawi is considered to be the dry winter season, which is May to October. On the Northern Plateau, you can expect the winter to be chilly, but the shores of Lake Malawi are war and sunny, perfect beach weather.

If you intend to do some game viewing in Malawi, Winter is best, because the vegetation is thinner during this time and animals are concentrated around waterholes.

Mid-Summer (January and February) are uncomfortably hot and humid with lots of rain showers, so we would not recommend a Malawi Holiday during this time. The risk of malaria is also higher during this time.


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