South Africa Kruger Safari

21 Dec 2016 South Africa Kruger Safari

Dear Annelie,

We had a very great time at Thornhill Safari Lodge and Kruger Park. We were very luck to find all big fives on the second day’s game drive. The staffs at the Lodge were very helpful. They even prepared a special poolside dinner on our last night for our honeymoon. That was really a big surprise. We had a great day out in the panorama route on the third day. Our driver/guide – a lady who usually manage tours of Bundu from office – was very knowledgeable and friendly. We enjoyed very much her company and all the sites, such as the Potholes, Berlin Falls and Lisbon Falls. It’s a pity that we could not visit the rhino orphanage centre on the fourth day, but the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) was definitely a great alternative. We enjoyed it very much and learnt a lot about cheetahs, wild dogs and southern ground hornbill. On the same day, we wanted to book another game drive at HESC in the afternoon but there was no place left for us. Instead, we were advised to visit the Moholoholo animal rehabilitation center to see how they rescued animals that were snared by locals. It was really sad to see how many of these wild lives were hurt by humans but we also felt uneasy about how the management at Moholoholo let visitors touch cheetahs, feed vultures and feed lions and leopards in such small enclosures that they were literally begging for food. That was really a big contrast from the same morning’s visit to HESC. As we learnt from our host at Thornhill, people have mixed feelings about Moholoholo. If we could choose again, we would not visit Moholoholo. On the final day, we had a very educational bush walk in the morning where we learnt about animal tracks, how different plants were utilized by bush people, as well as the small fives as opposed to the big fives. All in all, we enjoyed very much our stay at Thornhill and all the activities that were arranged by you and the staffs at Thornhill. The accommodation was very comfortable and the food was pretty good. The logistics was nicely arranged and we really felt welcomed by all the staffs at Thornhill. This is such a wonder experience for our honeymoon. We would definitely visit it again if we had a chance.

Thank you so much for arranging this wonderful tour for us.

Danny & Cheryl


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