Top Destinations (from South Africa)

Looking to travel? Never traveled before? Here is our list of the best destinations to visit from Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, that are easily affordable in a tight budget.

Thailand holidays with Getaway Africa

1. Thailand (Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui, Chaing Mai & more)
It’s probably the most popular destination amongst South Africans at the moment. With daily flights available to Bangkok and Phuket (not direct since Thai Airways stopped flying from Johannesburg), it is easy to get there. It gives you a great taste of the Far East, with cheap shopping, amazing islands and snorkeling spots to take your breath away.


mauritius holidays with Getaway Africa

2. Mauritius
Idealic and pristine beaches are just as the pictures portray them! Most resorts and hotels are surrounded by a peaceful, which makes snorkeling easy, only a few meters from the beach. Mauritius offers watersports, beautiful hiking/cycling trails, shopping and relaxing holidays.


Dubai holidays with Getaway Africa
3. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Increasingly popular, this city is aiming to be the best tourist destination in the world. They have the biggest, tallest and first of anything you can think of! It’s in the middle of a desert, however you can ski here and they have a lot of water parks and massive shopping malls to keep you entertained.

Zanzibar holidays with Getaway Africa

4. Zanzibar, Tanzania
Most likely the cheapest destination, Zanzibar is a small island off the coast of Tanzania. The island is alot lot less commercialized than other destinations and keeps true to it’s African roots. Resorts and hotels on the island are very cheap. The beaches are long and stretched on the east coast and diving is exceptional in the northern part of the island.

Victoria falls holidays with Getaway Africa

5. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwean or Zambian side
One of our continent’s most popular attractions, the Victoria Falls is the largest waterfall on the planet in terms of falling water. It has grown into a popular tourist destination and base for visiting Botswana and Zimbabwe. Nowadays the destination is known for it’s adrenaline activities like gorge swinging, white water rafting and micro flights.

Namibia holidays with Getaway Africa

6. Namibia
A destination that not many would think of, however it seems to be one of the best sellers. Most South Africans prefer to self drive through the country as self catering accommodations are found all across the country. Top attractions are the Sossusvlei, Swakopmund, Skeleton Coast, Etosha National Park & Fish River Canyon.

India holidays with Getaway Africa

7. India
With cheap flights directly from Johannesburg to Mumbai, India should be on your bucket list! The destination is so competitive that you can do a private tour for about the same cost as Mauritius! In India you can visit some of the oldest and most cherished palaces and forts as well as the world renown Taj Mahal.

Mozambique holidays with Getaway Africa

8. Mozambique
Very popular as a self drive destination, however with roads not being the most kind, many prefer to fly in instead. The most popular activities to do in Mozambique are diving, snorkeling and historical tours.

Bali holidays with Getaway Africa

9. Bali
Though not the cheapest, Bali is a destination filled with splendor! It is considered on of the most beautiful destinations in Indonesia. Here you will find some of the best spa’s and most beautiful art and scenery of the Far East, from the rice terraces in Ubud to the serene coastline in Sanur.

Italy holidays with Getaway Africa

10. Italy
One of Europe’s most affordable destinations, Italy is best explored by rail between Venice, Florence and Rome. Fine art, cuisine and history, here you will experience delights for all of your senses!

Egypt holidays with Getaway Africa

11. Egypt
Once one of the most popular destinations to visit, Egypt was hit by a political conflict in 2012 which saw the tourism decline. The country is however returning to it’s former glory and aims to offer tourists a most memorable holiday. Other than the pyramids and sphinx, there is much more to see, like a winding guided cruise on the Nile or diving in the Red Sea.

Greece holidays with Getaway Africa

12. Greece
Definitely worth a visit! Greece is best experienced on an island hopping cruise between Athens, Mykonos and Santorini. Widely covered by magazines for it’s postcard views of the white houses overlooking the ocean.

France holidays with Getaway Africa

13. Paris, France
One of the world’s most favorite cities, Paris is known for it’s arts and architecture. The city has one of the richest history’s, most celebrated cuisine. Great for an anniversary of honeymoon.

Seychelles holidays with Getaway Africa

14. Seychelles
A tropical paradise you read about in the magazines, Seychelles is unique. Crystal clear turquoise waters, white sandy beaches and hanging palm trees, all as you imagine them. Here you will want to try and visit more than one of the islands, including Praslin Island.

Reunion holidays with Getaway Africa
15. Reunion
Reunion has only recently been made accessible to the South African market and you don’t need visas either! The island is located in the Indian Ocean and formed around an active volcano and might remind you of the Hawaiian Islands. It is considered an adventure destinations and most popular for it’s activities.

Malaysia & Singapore holidays with Getaway Africa

16. Malaysia & Singapore
Nature Trails, Tropical Islands, Theme- & Water Parks and a lot of shopping! Malaysia is an all-in-one destination waiting to be discovered. Travel beyond the city of Kuala Lumpur and visit Kota Kinabalu, Penang, Langkawi & the Cameron Highlands for a truly wish-fulfilling trip! Also a great combo with Singapore, a modern city metropolis.

Other destinations to mention:

  • Sri Lanka
  • Vietnam
  • Cambodia
  • Maldives

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